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Transport dans toute l'Europe Transport all over Europe
Transport Belgique, Italie en vrac ou conditionné. Bulk or packaged
Service de transport soigné et de qualité Belgique France Meticulous and high-quality service
Plus de 50 véhicules à disposition More than 50 vehicles at your service
. 4.500m² dedicated to logistics and warehousing
Freight , grain , sand , cement, sugar with tank trucks, dump trucks, truck Tautliners or contenairs door.. 70 years of experience
A bit of history ...



In 1953, André Reheul founded the company; back then, a single 5-ton truck was used to deliver charcoal. It was the first vehicle of a fleet that hasn’t stopped expanding. This expansion is the result of hard work.
1973: Luc and Dominique, sons of André Reheul, join up with their father. The company takes off by providing new destinations such as Italy, France and Spain.
In 1980, they count about thirty vehicles. The company consists of a management staff and employees, within an exclusive family  environment.
Nowadays, Guillaume, Benjamin and Grégoire Reheul assist their father Luc, who is in charge of the management. S.A. corporations Reheul-Reheul&fils employ about fifty drivers, three mechanics, one storekeeper and four members of staff.

From transport to maintenance, including logistics, nothing is left to chance and everything is performed within the family to the rules of the art of a job we've been doing for 60 years.

Dedicated to offering you an even more optimal service, the company keeps on developing. Soon, Transports Reheul will move to a location close to their logistics centre in a new infrastructure located along the Scheldt (Escaut) in Warcoing.

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